• Cassi Manner

Blogging for Small Businesses

When it comes to writing blog posts there are many different approaches you can take as a small business to motivate readers. Whether it’s social media, a blog, a website, or any other online platform, the way to create an audience and engagement is by providing people with content that adds value to their lives. For example, say you sell olive oil; instead of writing several blogs about your company’s backstory, history of olive oil, and so on… Write blogs on great recipes to use your olive oil with, health benefits of olive oil, homemade olive oil face and hair masks, and so on!

Now, once you’ve established a general style and angle for your blogs, you have to remain consistent timing wise, as well as keep people coming back for more! I recommend posting one blog every week or two. Be sure you're promoting all of your blogs across your online platforms (social media, newsletters, website, etc). I also suggest adding in some sort of fun, reoccurring segment on your blogs. For example, you could have a little blurb called the 'Corky Corner' where you suggest wine pairings for your favorite recipes using your olive oil. The possibilities are endless and you can always get creative and switch things up with new attention-grabbing ideas!

As you blog, you’ll learn more and more about what works for your customers, so be sure to adjust accordingly. It’s important to check your analytics weekly and make sure you’re taking measures to increase traffic, rather than bore people and lose interest! Blogging allows your small business a platform with infinite reach, so take advantage of this low-cost marketing tool and get your blog on!

If you have questions about anything in this article or need help with blogging or other online promotions, be sure to shoot us a message under our Contact Us section!

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